TRACKS LIST And info..

1 Rubicon hotel.
...after many years as a musician and writer I was encouraged to make a cd by Laurent Brondel, a great musician and luthier who I admire very much...the rubicon is the river , once crossed..there is no going back...

the guitar used here is a Laurent brondel a2c...the telephone impersonation of Laurent is me...the lyric or poetry reflects my difficulty with the process...everyone from Elvis to John the Baptist (martyn) is present in the with all of the recordings on this album..the capture is taken within hours of the writing of the piece...I am very interested in preserving moments...flaws and all...I’m not so much interested in creating I treat the word and song as an art expression..

2 Jewels by the river.

...again this is played on the Brondel a2c guitar....sometimes we are quiet in ourselves...sometimes talking is difficult...but the beauty of the river is still present...if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be in this song..I tell my partner that all I can do is make music...the words in the music ..are my communication....I spent sometime setting the reverb on this guitar recording...I don’t know that it matters to anyone else...but it did to me.


3 The red wig. much much economic this song I have a vision...the aliens who fly in UFO’s that are so often talked about on the I found a use for them....they abduct a certain political leader...for the safety of this rasputin like vision....the guitar used here is a Brondel a1c with very old strings on it, that belonged to the great Irish guitarist Tony Byrne, I think it’s a trump song.


4 An old girl wails.

..ancient Irish mysticism..for my father...the son of great Irish poets and rebels...and a wise man himself...for his it turned out..three days before his journey...I do my very best to present beauty and honesty to the ancestors...and request their presence....the song is recorded on an early 195O’s levin soloist archtop’s recorded using the kjell pickup that was on it since it left the luthiery..through a 1969 orange with all guitars I use..this one was sold quickly afterwards...I can’t afford a guitar I move them on and proceed to other instruments..


5 Charlatan or self.

..I saw a photo taken of a western soldier heading out on patrol in an eastern country...his face was painted in a Halloweenlike style...I found it I question everything about our honesty within ourselves..I keep it personal to myself we all share.....the instrument a 1976 jacques and Jean Paul favino ,trois rosaces guitar..trois rosaces,refers to the guitars three sound incredible instrument...I sent this and others taken on this guitar ,to jean Pierre himself , his dad Jacques had long since passed...Jean Pierre liked the song a lot...and that made me very happy as this family of luthiers serviced and still services so many great musicians ..the most notable of all being django Reinhardt ..


6 Sabre tooth cat.

.the poetry here ,or lyric, is pretty self evident..the phrase in this song “the courage to heal”, is the title of a book I was once given by a friend..and the same book I passed on to another..the streets in this song are in Dublin Ireland..the guitar used here is the same Favino trois rosaces...some songs take longer to complete than’s not that you spend your whole time working on’s more like , one day it decides to Finish this song was twenty years in the making.


7 The musicians apprentice..

.for my much older friends...great musicians who have  passed recently...this song is about what they taught me...and how I saw it...I am a poor apprentice to their mastery...but I’m trying my best...”when the world says it’s ugly, say no!, it’s beauty that we are”...recorded on Laurent Brondel a2c guitar.



The artwork for the cd was inspired by the great accordion player Benny McCarthy , of the Irish traditional music group Danu.

I had made quite a few cd covers for this, but none were day in my Kitchen I was telling Benny about my cover dilemma..he looked up at the old valve radio on the shelf, and said..”use the radio Matt” it turns out the radio was had been given to me by a very good friend, years earlier, the same friend who had paid for a guitar for me m when I had no money, and an amp when I needed an amp...his da had bought him this particular old radio when he was a kid..he lives in the city..when he saw our old cottage, he brought the radio down here as a gift..I can’t think of anything more suitable for the cd cover..Friemds, are rare and beautiful be treasured and respected..when I had the cover art done..Benny did the file preparation and’s the second time he did this for me..the first was for an environmental protection cause cd release by multiple artists, called ‘work hard and be nice to people’..Benny is one of the good guys.

all songs were recorded in the reyhill recording room..a very small cottage studio in the foothills of the galtee mountains in Tipperary Ireland..the mastering was done by Richard Dowling of ‘wav mastering’ Limerick Ireland...the cd packaging and disc were manuafactured by Sony Austria , via the wonderful Brian Larkin at, Limerick Ireland...

Earlier in the song descriptions I mentioned Irish guitarist Tony Byrne...I would never had kept writing without his help and encouragement....also the very special American luthier Bruce Petros has been a very good friend to me, always giving his time to listen to my work and advise me..I would also like to thank James Michael Taylor , the Texas songwriter..a Van Gogh of the artists we find that we are challenged many times at a core level , how can we continue when we have no money or support or any joy with our work..the ups and the special friends come in and a simple word of wisdom can save us and preserve the journey ...James Moran..the god of tube Amps and all things electronically musical ,and many other things as my is Ronan Browne the wonderful piper and whistle player..

as for traditional dedication...this cd is dedicated to the memory of great musicians past.David Prim and Philip Donnelly..the spirit lives on.

Ive worked for a long time in music and art...this cd was never intended as a product or a hifi is’s not available in digital format over the internet..there are 350 copies available for sale..there will be a lot of other music available shortly on this website for digital download.

if you’re reading this..You’re  email is on the contact page..keep well..keep on....forget celebrity..remember people.